Slip through obstacles and keep moving forward in Slipstream, a deceptively simple to play but difficult to master game which will keep you coming back for more.

Skill Based Gameplay

Pure Skill based Gameplay as you learn to navigate through a variety of obstacle.

Serene Soundscape

Calm and pleasing Art and Soundtrack.

New Skins

Collect elixirs and unlock new characters to enhance your gameplay experience.


  • Learn to play through an immersive tutorial.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics.
  • Unlock new characters to enhance your Slipping experience.
  • Cool sound effects and elegant music track.
  • Dynamic background and obstacles.
  • Taptic Engine based Haptic Feedback.
  • Turbo Mode - Unlock Turbo Mode by purchasing the premium version of Slipstream.
    • Faster Movement speed.
    • Faster Stream flow.
    • Faster incoming obstacles
    • More Thrill, from the beginning.
    • Thrilling background music.