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Slip through obstacles and keep moving forward in Slipstream,a deceptively simple to play but difficult to master game which will keep you coming back for more

Skill Based Gameplay: Pure Skill based Gameplay as you learn to navigate through a variety of obstacles

Navigate on the Fly: Swift decision making is required in order to successfully navigate through obstacles

Simple Gameplay: Tap either side of the screen to make the character move diagonally in that direction

Serene Soundscape and Aesthetics: Calm and pleasing Art and Soundtrack

New Skins: Collect elixirs and unlock new characters to enhance your gameplay experience

Warning SlipStream is a Highly addictive experience which if not played with friends or in moderation , has been observed to have the following side effects

  • Mild Swearing at Game Over
  • Nimble fingers
  • Swift decision making
  • A new found fondness for water sounds


Slipstream is the stepping stone in my long passionate dream journey to build world class products on the world’s best platforms. We wanted our first game to appeal worldwide - kids and adults alike, yet be engrossing, challenging and fun. Hailing from the God’s Own Country, amidst all the rivers, lagoons and oceans, it was not too difficult for us to converge on a marine theme for our first game and the idea of Slipstream was born. A handful of passionate game developers were quick to join me and we spent days and nights choosing the characters, environments and developing the theme and logic for a compelling game filled with rewards and fun. We took a conscious decision to target the game only for the iOS platform thereby challenging ourselves to meet the stringent norms of AppStore. We are proud that we met that challenge and today is featured in the Apple’s Appstore for Holi, a colourful festival in India. The Appstore team called our game “A fishy saga”.

Slipstream, is a quick concept we came up during one of our internal Game jams, we then took the gameplay and developed the concept from there. After 8 months, it become something what you see now. Choosing funky characters to go with our theme was as very big challenge for us. In the end we ended up with a variety characters ranging from a gold fish to a bottled note.

The game was initially designed to provided a soothing experience to the players through cool visuals and serene audio, But to make the game more friendly to all the adrenaline junkies out there, we added Turbo Mode, a premium game mode which is filled with fast paced slipstream action.


  • Learn to play through an immersive tutorial.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics.
  • Unlock new characters to enhance your Slipping experience.
  • Cool sound effects and elegant music track.
  • Dynamic background and obstacles.
  • Taptic Engine based Haptic Feedback.
  • Turbo Mode - Unlock Turbo Mode by purchasing the premium version of Slipstream.
    • Faster Movement speed.
    • Faster Stream flow.
    • Faster incoming obstacles
    • More Thrill, from the beginning.
    • Thrilling background music.


App Preview - iPad YouTube

App Preview - iPad YouTube

App Preview - iPad YouTube

App Preview - iPad YouTube


Download all screenshots & photos as a single zip file

Download logo and icon as a single zip file

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Slipstream Credits

  • Nikhil Chandran(Producer)
  • Vivek Vijayan(Project Manager)
  • Neil K.C(Game Design, Testing)
  • Rethin Lal(Art, UI Design)
  • Shyam Nair(Programming)
  • Arjun K P(Programming)
  • Shebin Noushad S(Programming)
  • Varun AR(Programming)

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